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CanvasHammockSock Uninsulated, breathable, windproof cover for your hammock. Made with 4 oz canvas only. Use it with or without a tarp. This product was requested by FourDog, woodsman extraordinaire and maker of FourDog Wood Stoves. He tested it at -15*F in Minnesota, with excellent results, and gave his permission to use his endorsement.

Canvas performs better than any material at being both windproof and highly vapor permeable. The Hamarak protects your down underquilt by allowing moisture to pass completely through without condensing or freezing in or on your insulation.

$160 Hammock Sock, approximately 29 oz.


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– Technical note on canvas for extreme cold by macEntyre

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Waterproof hammock gear storage

Molly Mac Gear Store –> MMG Gear Box

Molly Mac Gear Box – MacEntyre has said that what he likes about hammock camping is that “Nothing but the soles of your shoes touch the ground.” This gear hammock was made to achieve that goal. You can hang it under your hammock, beside your hammock, or outside your tarp. You can let it hang just touching the ground, or suspend only one end. You can put your pack inside, with your boots and all of your gear. It is a waterproof cache for your gear!

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Nylon winter hammock sock

Molly Mac Gear Store –> MMG Hammock Sock

Nylon Hammock Sock with SEEP – Weighs 10.5oz Fits all gathered end hammocks, except those with a bottom entry. Made with breathable nylon.

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Molly Mac Gear Store –> MMG Bivy Hammock

The Molly Mac Gear (MMG) bivy hammock is derived from the Mors Scarf, by Mors Kochanski. It is a hammock, a breathable bivy sack, an emergency coverall, a scarf, and more!

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    Molly Mac Gear Store –> MMG Bio

    Thing1 and MacEntyre John MacEntyre Allen, known in the woods as MacEntyre, is a chemical engineer who has been self employed for 25 years.

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