Critter CR2 multi fuel camp stove stand overview

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to talk about the Critter CR2 multi fuel camp stove stand.

This article published June 30th, 2014 – 4pm
The story behind the CR2
Peter Nelson is the creator of the CR2. Back several years ago he was on a quest for an ultra-light cooking solution.

He was in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness cooking over a Coleman two burner propane stove waiting for water to boil. It was cool, rainy and there was a slight breeze. No matter how he moved the camp stove the wind seemed to affect my ability to cook, he started to think about how he could make the situation better.

Several generations later and a lot of field testing he came up with what he calls the Critter CR2 and he believes that it resolves the problems that he had with commercially available camp stoves.

It features a low center of gravity and teeth on the main supporting structure virtually eliminate tipping your food over while cooking. A sleek design allows the CR2 to be packed nearly anywhere you can imagine. Whether you are a hard core hiker, canoeist, campground camper, biker or a weekend camper, the CR2 camp stove stand combined with your favorite stove makes for a simple and easy cooking experience anywhere you are.

Tech Specs:
Weight: 1.8oz
Material: made from 316 stainless steel
Rumor has it Peter will be offering a Titanium version of this stove to his backers for a first run.

Dimensions: Each leg is 3.53″ tall

It’s versatile. How many different stove can you use with the Critter CR2?
I’ve had the CR2 for a very short time. Below I am going to show you a variety of stoves that I have on hand that can work with the CR2 stove stand.

Pic #1 Snow Peak 600 cook pot sitting on top of the Critter CR2 pot stand. The pot sits securely on the pot stand. Nice fit.

Pic #2 Snow Peak 600 cook pot sitting on top of the Critter CR2 pot stand

Pic #3 Mini Heat alcohol stove. because of the rivet on the bottom of the CR2 – I Placed a small tin lid on the CR2 first for the Mini Heat to sit level. Without the tin lid – the mini heat is small for this base & was wobbling because of the rivet.

Pic #4 Tin lid with esbit cube

Pic #5 Tin lid upside down with esbit cube

Pic #6 Close up of rivet

Pic #7 Small tin with fiberglass house insulation acting as a wick. This stove is intended to use denatured alcohol.

Pic #8 Can cat stove with fiberglass house insulation acting as a wick. Showing this as example to see how cat can fits on CR2. I would use a cat can stove without the holes in the side & insulation would even be optional. If you want — a soda can can be cut down to simply pour denatured alcohol in.

The only thing needed with any of these options would be a piece of tin foil to make a wind screen. I typically use a foil oven liner and cut a piece to the size I want.
[nggallery id=7]

Compared to a wire mesh pot stand which is what I have been using with these stoves. The Critter CR2 is smaller, strongs & easier to carry & pack. It also allows you to use a variety of pot or pan sizes. The teeth on the top keep the cooking vessel secure. As well as the teeth on the bottom of the legs which keep the stand Its folds so flat it can slip in to most any spot in your pack or pocket. I want to note it just fit in the Snow Peak 600.

Anyone who has a variety of stoves. IMO the Critter CR2 is the only pot stand you’ll ever need.

Currently Peter Nelson is running a kickstarter project for the Critter CR2 pot stand. There’s a variety of packages to choose from.

If you want more info you or would like to back the project you can see more details here —

Thank you for reading & your support!

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  1. I will be receiving Ti components by the end of the week to ensure quality and testing. Once I have that complete the Ti version will be available to the backers first and then to the public. Changing your reward when it becomes available will be easy. I will keep everyone posted on the progress.

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