Father Nature Outdoors Integrated Camping Blanket Kickstarter

Hey Everyone! Chris from Father Nature Outdoors just launched a Kickstarter project. This project offers a integrated camping blanket. Listed below is more details about the blanket.

Visit the project on Kickstarter – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/238053029/father-nature-outdoors-integrated-camping-blanket

Pioneering design. Top quality materials. Premier three-season camping solution.

Benefits of the Design

  • Fully adaptable for three seasons. Multiple ways to enjoy and stay more comfortable than a traditional bag.
  • Does not require purchase of additional products (partner sleeping pad, sheet, cinch cord) because functional with any sleeping pad.
  • Unique blanket designs of full circumference draft collar and footbox sleeve
  • Easily packable and durable. We’ve put this through the ringer.
  • Clasping system simple to use and does not require cinching
  • Similar weight, if not less, than other comparable synthetic options
  • More affordable than other designs that range from $150-400
  • Because really, who knows how to put up with Mother Nature better?

Backpacking quilts are solid designs for hot summer nights or ultra-light hikes. Unfortunately, the versatility has trouble exceeding those boundaries. Father Nature Outdoors has designed an Integrated Camping Blanket that is ideal in three seasons and surpasses traditional camping comfort. Its design is adjusted for camping or backpacking; the FNO camping blanket can even be adapted to the climate. Tack on the fact it can be used with nearly any sleeping pad, and its versatility saves the user money on purchasing additional equipment such as partnering sleeping pads, sheets, and cinch cords. Take the comfort of a quilt and add on utility + versatility like no other product on the market, and you have the FNO Integrated Camping Blanket.

Manufacturer site: http://www.fathernatureoutdoors.com/

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