Giveaway – DIY Hammock with complete suspension has earned a reputation as a great place to buy outdoor gear from some of the best cottage manufacturers around. We are growing as a popular site for in-depth reviews and a marketplace for vendors to sell their unique products. Word of mouth has been our best source of new customers, and we continue to grow – thanks to you, our customers!

We’d like to honor our friends and fans with some FREE STUFF! ODTG will be randomly selecting a fan to receive one of two awesome prizes – winner’s choice!

Option A: Everything you need to build a camping hammock:
· One 60”x126” Silver Crinkle Tafetta ‘Hammock Blank’ (we mean tablecloth, of course)
· A pair of 6’ Whoopie Slings from oneLife Wilderness Products (Silver)
· One set of 8’ Tree Straps (Gray/charcoal)
· Two toggles for Marlin spike hitch
· 2 Lengths of cord for whipping the ends of your hammock
· A length of shock cord and a cord lock for optional Knotty Mod

Option B: A complete camping hammock, already built for you! (It is the same as Option A, just constructed before we ship it to you)

How do you enter? EARN Two Entries! Simple. Just give us a thumbs-up on Facebook! and click on that little ‘Like’ button. You can earn a 2nd chance to win by leaving a blog comment below.

You’ll be able to keep up with updates from ODTG, and we promise never to spam you or sell your information.

One week from today, Tuesday, May 7th, the giveaway will end. When Jesse returns from the woods – we will select a winner Thursday MAY 9th . Don’t forget to share our page with your friends, so they can be entered to win!

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Thank you for visiting ODTG – Good luck to everyone!


  1. My favourite DIY project has been knife making, but I plan to make snowshoes this fall.

  2. Christopher Sorel

    Made one with a tarp and rope when the grounds was way too soaked on one camping trip. Not the most comfortable but I was out of the mud

  3. This would be fantastic for my upcoming trip to Havasupai Falls in the Grand Canyon!

  4. Nancy Pecca

    Thanks for the chance to win the hammock. Never can have too many!

  5. My favorite DIY so far to date is my backpack. It turned out better than expected :)

  6. Always wanted to have a camping hammock for my trips.

  7. Wow! Looking at hammocks for a potential hiking trip around the Dorset Coast and New Forest!Good luck everyone! :D

  8. my fav diy project is the one im doing now Black on Black DIY hammock with no-see-um netting would love to win one for my son

  9. Paul Egy

    These look great! Please count me in.

  10. Nate Baker

    We used to string our Hammocks between our VW Vans and the closest tree, start a fire and camp for days!

  11. Peter Roueche

    I just got a new hammock but the last time I did that, my teenage hammocking daughter took immediate possession of it. Maybe, if I win this drawing, I can keep one and she can get one, too. Thanks for the chance.

  12. One can never have too many hammocks! :)

  13. Lots of great feedback everyone!

  14. My favorite DIY project, although simple in construction, are making lightweight stools from thin aluminum tubing and canvas fabric. Bending the aluminum is easy with a conduit bender, and after drilling a few holes, a couple of pop rivets give me a folding lightweight frame for some fabric to sew on the top to sit on.

  15. Scott N

    My first hammock was a DYI, double layer and I’ve never looked back! Now both of our daughters are hooked.

  16. Allen Ingram

    We made a few hammocks from ponchos and tarps when we were in the field back in the day. Now I’m getting back into hammocking and it would be a heck of a lot easier to use a kit than engineer in the field and on the fly…

  17. Jim Lipscomb

    My favorite DIY was a projector screen made from the frame atop an outdoor swing and some white blackout cloth. Outdoor movie night at home!

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