How to choose the right size backpack

If you are going to cover a bunch of miles on the backpacking trail, you’ll want to start with the right sized backpack for a comfortable fit. A properly fitted backpack will allow you to carry a heavy load further, faster and more comfortably.

Find Your Torso Length

Whether you’re shopping online or in a retail store for a new backpack, you need to know your torso length. Find the C7 vertebrae, which is the largest vertebrae you can feel at the back of your neck. If you tilt your head down you’ll easily feel the C7.

Next, find the iliac crest. Your iliac crest is the very top of the hip bone. If you dig your hands into your sides you can feel where the top of the hip bone ends. Follow that point around to the middle of your back. This is the bottom of your torso. Read complete article on Sierra’s Social Hub

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