Seven More Benefits of Sleeping in a Hammock, Outdoors

Article by Derek Hansen from The Ultimate Hang

I recently discovered this fantastic post from David William that spells out “Seven Benefits of Sleeping in a Hammock.” David nails the major benefits and I couldn’t say it any better. I want to highlight one key point: hammocks support the best sleeping positions for the human body. A few people wonder if they can sleep on their sides or stomach in a hammock. One reason for this question is due to our sleeping habits in a bed. If you’re anything like me, you might roll or toss and turn a few times during the night. In a hammock, the painful pressure that drives the tossing (and subsequent alternate sleep positions) is removed. Hammocks are so simple, yet the fabric contours to a more ergonomic position for your body, no matter what sort of body you have. Anyway, here are David’s main points in summary:

1. Faster sleep.
2. Zero-Pressure Points.
3. Deeper Sleep.
4. No More Bed Making.
5. Hammocks Are Good for Your Health.
6. Comfort.
7. Making Love in a Hammock.

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Derek Hansen Derek Hansen is a lightweight backpacker, Scoutmaster, and “hammock enthusiast” who enjoyed his first hammock hang at age 14 at the BSA Beaver High Adventure base in Utah. The hammock he used then was a compact net style that was strung up in an “Ewok Village” constructed from log platforms lashed up high in the pines. Derek rediscovered the wonders hammock camping 16 years later in Virginia, and has been avoiding the ground ever since. Web site:

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