Whats in my Pack? Winter Hammock Camping Tips

Getting ready to do some winter hammock camping?

If you haven’t done any cold weather hammock camping and not too sure if your gear will work for colder temps – it is best suggested to camp in your backyard to do gear test.

Here’s a few suggestions on how to stay warm while winter camping/ hiking.
– dress in layers. you don’t want to sweat or sweat will freeze. stay slightly cooler to avoid this happening. Choose material that dries quickly for your layers of clothing.

– Eat extra calories. Food will give you extra fuel. Eating a snack before going to sleep. Plan for extra food.

– Water; Stay hydrated. Keep water bottles in a sock or piece of clothing if needed to prevent water from freezing. be aware of how your water filter will perform in colder temps. Consider packing chemical water treatment tablets as a back up if you typically use a water filter.

– Use a hot water bottle at night in your sleeping bag. There’s a whole thread on it here in the Hammock Forums.

– Site selection. When getting ready to setup camp for the night, site selection is very important.

These are just a few suggestions. There’s plenty of info out there but the best info can be your own from testing.

Watermonkey has a few videos he’s done on winter hammock camping. Check out his winter video’s on his YouTube channel

Below are a couple of video’s that might be helpful. Shug & Fronkey have done a couple of video’s showing whats in their pack. They show their gear they have used during colder weather.

Winter hiking & camping can be fun. However please take proper precautions & be prepared for your terrain & weather.

If you have any tips for winter hammock camping please share with us & leave a post below.

Thank you for reading!
– Claire


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