Winter clothing layering system [Video by Shug]

Winter layers video demo: Winter clothing layers are a very important part of your backpacking/hiking/outdoor gear system.

Whether you are planning a day hike or a few day trip – your layering system should prepare you for sudden drops in temps. As well as wet weather. Even with a good layering system, there’s nothing worse than not being prepared for wet weather – that layering system can become useless.

A good tip to remember is to have a way to vent your layers when hiking. when exercising, our core body temps will cause us to sweat no matter how cold it is – that sweat can freeze quickly if not vented properly.

About a month ago I posted an article where Chad from Sticks blog talks about his winter layering system.

Below is a video by Shugemery (Shugemery on YouTube) talking about his winter layering system. He describes his system to work for temps from 20 degrees to -5.

Between Stick & Shug’s videos- each is in a different geographical area. However, they each practice various clothing layers that will prepare them for cold temps as well as wet weather. They each talk about layers when hiking as well as camp clothing.

I would love to hear from others about your winter layers! Please feel free to leave a comment & tell us about your winter clothing layering system or post a link to a video.

ps. here’s a good article from CDC on Winter weather & Hypothermia

Thanks for reading. Stay safe & warm on those winter adventures!
– Claire


  1. Thanks for the fun video. Layering is a tricky subject.

  2. I’m constantly rethinking layers of clothes. In North GA even in the winter it can be very warm to almost spring like during the day & freezing temps at night – mother nature sure don’t make it easy

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