iVue Camera Glasses

Capture your view in style with the new iVUE 720P Camera Glasses. Eliminate the hassle of mounting a sport cam on your head, just slip the glasses on and you are ready to go. These glasses are designed with a wide angle lens which captures a wider field of vision.

We upgraded this model to a new body style which boasts a sporty design, increased durability, light weight frame, and weather resistant shell. We include two shades of polarized lenses, dark and yellow tint.

They are so easy to use a monkey could do it, simply push the button to start recording and push it again to stop! Each time you start and stop recording a new video file is created.

When you are ready to watch what you have recorded just plug it into your computer to instantly view/transfer the files or you can plug it into a TV to view with the included cables. No special software needed, they work with MAC or Windows out of the box.

Manufacturers site: http://ivuecamera.com/

iVue Camera Glasses

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