Dehydrated backpacking meals – Spaghetti & Meat Sauce.

MrBablefish5 discusses various ways to make trail food fun!

This video he will show you how to make dehydrated spaghetti & meat sauce.



  1. Great Video Bablefish5.
    It is good to see this, so others will have the chance to eat better on the trail.


  2. Nice video. I would appreciate seeing a meal dehydrated in the oven. Thanks Bablefish

  3. Great video and just what I Googled for! Thank you. For meat eaters this fits the ticket. Good presentation skills too. Happy trails!

  4. mother mary

    This was great, it would have been really helpful to have explained what type of trays you used and why when setting up the dehydration as that was one of my questions as well, all my others were answered – thank-you!!

  5. My only concern is the extra trash / weight added by using aluminum foil – is the foil necessary.

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