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Hello everyone! Today I’m going to talk about the Zeus Handy Tool.

From the manufacturers web site — “The Zeus Handy Tool was born from an idea to equip the average urbanite and outdoor enthusiast with a tough, sleek, compact, affordable and extremely functional toolbox-in-one. Essentially a toolbox in the user’s palm, the Zeus Handy Tool is the ideal car, home, office, dorm and outdoors companion that stores away neatly into any drawer, shelf, glove box and bag. “

When I first saw the Zeus handy tool I thought, hmm.. I have all these tools already. Then after thinking about it – with the Zeus Handy Tool I have access to about 7+ tools all in one little package. I examined the Zeus tool for a while before giving it a try.

zeus-handy-tool-all-in-oneHere are the features;
– Adjustable screwdriver
– knife & saw
– Triple function pliers
– Smart hammer
– Screwdriver bits & storage
– Flip open screwdriver shank is also a magnet
– Detachable LED Light & Spirit Level
– Tape measure

Personally for me the Zeus is very handy. More often than not, when doing small tasks around the house – I can typically grab a screwdriver quick enough but I usually spend more time in my garage gathering what I need for a task that will take minutes. Or when away from home I can have all these tools in a small package with the fraction of the weight.

I’m not the type of person who needs or wants to lug around a huge toolbox full of tools. IMO, more tools = more work > less fun. But at some point most of us run into situations that need one of the tools included in the Zeus.

Several uses..
Whether we’re in the office, at home, riding a bike, camping or preppers may want to add this to emergency supplies / bug out bag (BOB). Tiny house owners – perhaps a perfect size tool box!

From the manufacturers site list of uses; Home & Office DIY, ​Assemble IKEA / flat-pack furniture, Repair / Tighten fixtures & fittings, Install a latch or lock, ​Hanging artwork, Camping, Fishing, Road trips, Hiking, ​Picnics. I’m sure the list can go on & fit a large variety of lifestyles & activities.


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How does it work..

The Zeus handy tool is easy to use. It has a little button on the side that flips out a screwdriver shank (which is also a magnet). Opening the screwdriver shank then allows you to insert any of the 16 bits to the end of the shank.

Once the screwdriver shank is deployed — you can pull out either the pliers or knife/saw. The saw cut a good notch in my desk without any effort. The teeth on the saw & edge of knife were nice & sharp. The other end has another button that deploys a hammer head.

On the top side of the tool is where the screwdriver bit storage is, measuring tape on the side and the detachable level with led light. The led light runs off two small batteries labeled SR927.

Zeus tool is just a little over 5inches long (130mm) and weighs just about 1lb.

Zeus Handy tool Kickstarter

If this little tool is something that will fit into your lifestyle check out their Kickstarter for more info.

zeus-handy-tool-003 zeus-handy-tool-001 zeus-handy-tool-002

Manufacturer Info
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/zeushandytool
Website: http://www.zeushandytool.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MultiToolBox

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Zeus Handy Tool sent me this product free of cost in return to test & write a review. The words & my opinion that I typed above are my own words & opinion.

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