Dutchware Gear

Dutchware Gear. (Dutch Clips LLC) is the maker of ultra lightweight hammock suspension, tarp suspension hardware and accessories.

Producing high quality, innovative products using a minimalist approach – with endless uses for your backpacking, hiking & camping gear.

These small ultralight items are useful for hammock or ground dwellers to make for the easiest setup when you get to camp.


Hammock Suspension Hardware:

Build your own hammock suspension: Dutchware Gear offers a variety of titanium & aluminum hammock hardware components for those wanting to create their own hammock suspension. Dutch Clips, whoopie hooks, mini ridgeline biners, cinch buckles, Dutch buckle, tree straps & tree huggers.

Dutch Clips

Dutch Clips

Dutchware Gear Whoopie Hooks

Whoopie Hooks

Dutchware Gear Buckle

Dutch Buckle

Cinch Buckle

Cinch Buckles

Tree Huggers

Tree Huggers

Tree Straps

Tree Straps

See complete listing of all hammock suspension hardware/ridgeline accessories. Other items not shown; Amsteel Whoopies slings, Continuous loops, Adjustable UCR hammock ridgeline, & hammock level aka The Hangle.

Hammock suspension kits:

Dutchware hammock suspension kits

Hammock Suspension Kits for NON-Hennessy hammock users

Dutchwaregear hammock suspension kits

Hammock Suspension Kits for Hennessy Hammock users

Dutchware offers complete hammock suspension packages ready to install on your hammock – for Hennessy Hammock users & non-Hennessy Hammock users. To make the suspension work correctly; the Hennessy hammock requires a specialize length of whoopie slings or continuous loops (depending on the kit you choose). Dutchware Gear has made it easier for their customers to choose the proper fit when selecting a complete hammock suspension kit.

Tarp Accessories:

For your tarp (bear bags kits or many other uses for backpacking) they carry some of the smallest, strongest & lightest hardware pieces made from aluminum, titanium or plastic; Tarp flyz, Stingerz, tarp door hook, & Dutch hooks.

dutchware Stongerz


Spliced tarp Flyz

Tarp Flyz

Titanium Biners

Ti utility Biners


Titanium Hooks

Clip on Tarp pull outs

Clip on Tarp pull outs

tarp door hook

Tarp Door Hook

See a complete listing of all tarp accessories. Other tarp accessories available; For your guylines & other uses; zing-it, Lash-it, Dynaglide, Shockcord, Linelocs.

Hammock quilt hardware/accessories:

Quilt hooks, quilt clips & quilt hangers make it easy to attach your underquilt when setting up your hammock. Once configured – achieve the same setup each time.

Quilt Hooks

Quilt Hooks

Quilt Hangers

Quilt Hangers

side release buckle

Mini side release buckle/Quilt clip

See complete listing of all hammock quilt accessories; Also available (not shown here) Plastic sew-on quilt hooks, Clip-on quilt hooks, ridgeline quilt hooks.

Zing-it, Amsteel & Shockcord:

When setting up your hammock suspension, shelter or tarp guylines. Dutchware offers a variety of cord/line for a variety of uses to complete your backpacking kit.





shock cord

Shock Cord

Zing it

Zing It

Other items available; Lash-it, Fling-it, Camo webbing

Misc Items: Element wood burning stove, Mini grill top



Website: DutchwareGear.com Store/Manufacturer site
Email: sales@Dutchwaregear.com

*Product FAQ * About Dutchware

DutchwareGear.com is owned by Dutch Clips LLC



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