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Canvas Anorak Uninsulated, breathable, windproof, traditional outer garment. Designed to be used either with highly breathable layers beneath, such as wool shirts.

Two sizes: Medium and Large. We’re not after a tight fit. Made with 4 oz white canvas. Select a removable ruff for the hood in natural fur, faux fur, or no ruff. All hoods have wire in the edge. MacEntyre has used this anorak as low as -15*F, wearing only two wool shirts and a wool vest underneath, snowshoeing and pulling a pulk, with excellent results. Around the campfire, put a down vest underneath, and the anorak protects it from flying embers.

$150 Anorak with ruff (contact MacEntyre for ruff availability)

QTY: MMG Canvas Anorak – $150

Select Size below: Required

Optional: Add Coyote Ruff $25

Technical note on canvas for extreme cold by MacEntyre

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  1. what is the chest sizes of both your Anoraks?

  2. > what is the chest sizes of both your Anoraks?

    I don’t know… but they are far larger than fitted clothing, and the armpits are huge. The small one is roughly patterned after an XL size in the shoulders, and the larger one is XXL. The anorak increases in size toward the bottom. The idea is that one should be able to pull in one’s arms and change your shirt while inside the anorak. Anoraks are large, loose fitting covers.

    – MacEntyre

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