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Thing1 and MacEntyre John MacEntyre Allen, known in the woods as MacEntyre, is a chemical engineer who has been self employed for 25 years.

He is the owner of Molly Mac Gear, whose products he designs and makes. Molly Mac Gear includes the versatile Molly Mac Pack, canvas and nylon hammock socks, nylon gear hammocks, canvas Anoraks and Mukluks, as well as ultra light weight hammock insulation.

MacEntyre lives in North Carolina, where he tests his gear in unforgiving conditions. Molly Mac Gear is called “Gorge Tested” as a result of MacEntyre’s time spent on the rugged trails of Linville Gorge. Each winter, he seeks cold, high locations in the snowy Appalachian Mountains to test his gear.

Find out more about MacEntyre’s adventures at his YouTube Channel
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