Molly Mac Pack Backpack

The Molly Mac Pack backpack is the latest model of the Molly Mac Pack. It incorporates all of the features of the previous models, including modular design, hydration sleeve and light weight. Simple. Strong. Lightweight. Modular.

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  • The Molly Mac Pack belt has a 3 row PALS array, providing room for three Molly Pouches on each side.
  • For attaching stuff sacks, you can use cinch straps fastened with either side release buckles or ladder locks.
  • Each 1″ buckle weighs 0.5 oz, so 6 pair of 1″ buckles add about 6 oz, which doubles the weight of the cinch straps.
  • None of the weights include stuff sacks, Front Packs or Molly Pouches.
  • Cinch straps are not included. Be sure to order one pair for every stuff sack you want to strap onto the Molly Mac Pack.
  • Any previous models have been discontinued.
  • Tell us your belt size …it’s nice to be certain!

QTY: Molly Mac Pack Backpack – $180 Integral water bladder carrier holds up to 4L bladder; shoulder straps; MMP belt with 3 row PALS array, 6 columns per side. ~32 oz
Select PALS Array Color

QTY: Molly Mac Front Pack – $40 6 rows by 5 columns MOLLE panel with separate light weight suspension and integral water bladder sleeve.Select PALS Array Color

QTY: 15L Molly Pouch – $45 This largest Molly Pouch takes up all of the space on the Molly Panel, leaving room on the belt for one stuff sack.Select Pouch Color

QTY: 4L Molly Pouch – $30 4L Molly Pouch can be attached to Molly Mac Pack, Front Pack, or the belt PALS arraySelect Pouch Color

QTY: 1L Molly Pouch – $20 Holds a water bottle, hammock or tarp.Select Pouch Color

QTY: 14oz Molly Pouch – $18 14oz Molly Pouch, holds a GPS or a can of sodaSelect Pouch Color

QTY: Water Bottle Carrier – $20 1L water bottle carrier, open top, one handed useSelect Pouch Color

QTY: Pair Cinch Straps – $5 30″ length. 1″ nylon webbing. options; side release buckles or ladder locks. Cinch straps are not included with stuff sacks. Be sure to order one pair for every stuff sack you want to strap onto the Molly Mac Pack.Select Buckle Type

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If anything tears or breaks at any time, contact MacEntyre and ship it back for replacement or repair.

If you have a problem or a question of any kind, just contact MacEntyre!

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