MountainGoat Mesh Tarp Storage Sleeves

Tarp Storage Sleeves made with No See Um mesh.

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These sleeves make setting up and taking down your tarp very easy, adding about an ounce to your setup. Custom made to fit any tarp you have. Storage pockets on the ends will hold your tie outs.
25.00 shipped for singles & $27 shipped for doubles.

Tarp Sleeves. I make these to order, according to your specifications. You let me know your tarp size & if you want pockets. The pictures sleeves, on a OES Maccat Standard , weigh 21 grams.

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qty10ft Double Tarp Storage Sleeves
qty11ft Double Tarp Storage Sleeves
12ft Double Tarp Storage Sleeves
11ft Single tarp Skin
12ft Single Tarp Skin


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Most products will ship between 24 hrs and 7 days from ordering.

Contact Kat / -> Mountain Goat Hats & Goods All Products

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  1. Will Scheaf

    I highly recommend these. They will fit your tarp perfectly, and the end pockets are an excellent addition. Thanks for a quality product and fast shipping!

  2. Just wanted to say thank you.
    they fit perfectly.

  3. Jeff Stallard

    I just got my mesh tarp sleeve, and did an indoor test setup, and it fits the tarp just fine. Now I can furl and unfurl my tarp very easily without having to mess with the ridgeline. Thanks for simplifying my setup!

  4. I love these things. Keeps your tarp out of the dirt better, protects against abrasion, has pockets at the ends to stow your ridgeline cord ends, and doesn’t cost much.

  5. Scott Lynch

    Order the tarp sleeves last season and love them! Can you make sleeves to fit a Warbonnet XLC hammock?

  6. laurence williams

    thanks so much for a fantastic job on my tarp sleeves kat.

  7. What a fantastic piece of gear. Setup and tear down of my tarp is a breeze now using these mesh sleeves. The craftsmanship is top notch and they arrived almost before I completed my order ;-) (kidding, but it was lightspeed fast)


  8. Just bought my second set of sleeves. I love them. The end pockets are a wonderful innovation. Great quality, craftsmanship, fit, price and fast shipping.

  9. Just used these on my Toxaway Lake tarp. These are great! Now I need to order sets for my other tarps!

  10. Michael Powell

    I wanted to drop back by and say Thank You Kat for the tarp skins. Very well made and light weight! I love the pockets on the ends as well, great idea. Also, shipping was really fast. I have now made plans to order 2 more once we finally decide on tarps for my wife and daughter’s setups. Thanks again!

  11. Great quality sleeves and excellent customer service. I would recommend them to any of my Hammock friends!

  12. I recently purchased a WB Superfly. After using it for the first time I realized there was a reason why many hammockers use tarp sleeves — it just makes the setup and tear-down so much quicker. After researching various sleeves and vendors I placed my order with MountainGoat Hats & Goods. I placed my order late one evening and had them in my hands several days later. Quality product. Now I just can’t wait to try them out on the trail. Thanks, Kat!

  13. Jonathan Baatz

    I could not be happier with my purchase of the tarp snake skins. They work perfect. They have cut my camp set up time an half. Perfect!! I am ordering a set for my wife now. Thank you

  14. These were an excellent pickup. Very well constructed and received quickly. I started off with the DIY dollar store ones and after they ripped, I bought these. I didn’t think I would like two pieces, but the cord locks on each end keep them together. The pockets on each end are great from wrapping up my Dutch bling and CRL. Everything was a mess before, but is now efficient with both setup and take down.

    These and my Dutch bling and CRL have made my cheap tarp function like a far more expensive one!

  15. Use your skins on my Warbonnet Superfly. Love them.
    Need new ones for my Clark gear so came straight back here.
    The pockets on the ends are quite useful for tucking my ridge line or extra tie outs etc.
    Nice work Kat.

  16. Ordered the 12 FT for the Warbonnet Super Fly. Emailed with Kat and she recommended going just over 11 ft. Fast delivery and the pockets for the guy lines are perfect. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

  17. Fast service despite the fact Kat had a medical emergency immediately after I placed my order. The tarp sleeves are great! She even made them a custom length for me. The quality is top notch. The little pockets on the ends are a nice feature. These sleeves went on my tarp immediately. I can’t wait to deploy them in the field.

  18. Haynes Ragas

    Very Fast Delivery. I ordered late on Monday and received it in mail on Friday. Ymmv. Exactly as advertised, perfect fit for my Warbonnet Mamajamba tarp. Very nice design, lightweight, with the convenient pockets for the guidelines. This will make tarp setup very quick with the ability to unroll the tarp if I choose or to hammock under the rolled up but ready tarp as I prefer. Nice job! I am glad I purchased this.

  19. Kat had just got back from vacation and had to make all the orders that were placed during that time. Even with all of that I received the skins very quickly. Great product and fits my 12′ 4 season tarp perfectly. Love the pockets on the addition of the pockets on the end. This should make deploying my tarp so much easier.

  20. Mesh tarp skins just came in today. single length tube that slowly tapers on one end. Took about 7 business days. Stitching is flawless, material was cut perfect and no blemishes. On my scale I came out to 0.99 oz.

    I would purchase from you again. Thank you.

  21. Received my 11ft trap sleeve and it is great. Highly recommend .


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