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MountainGoat gear offers a variety of lightweight hand knitted hats. Three types of wool with two styles.

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Due to a hand injury Kat is unable to take orders for knitting hats at this time. Please feel free to browse the other products offered by Mountaingoat Hats and Goods. Thank you for your support!

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Mesh tarp storage sleeves / Ridgeline organizer / Mesh pockets for backpacks / Mesh Stuff Sack

How to order hats

*Due to the time & detail it takes to make my hats – I prefer to not offer a shopping cart for this product. Typical wait time for a hat could be 3 weeks. sometimes less/ more. Please send me an email ( ) to place an order for any of my hats. When the hat is ready I will then send an invoice for cost of the hat(s).

In the meantime if you place an order for any of my other products, most products will ship between 24 hrs and 7 days from ordering.

Thank you! Kat

100% Baby Alpaca. Softest wool your skin will ever feel. Handwash and lie flat to dry. Choose either the folded over edge, or the rolled edge. Contact me for colors and sizes. 30.00 shipped conus.

Baby Alpaca and Merino Blend. Very soft wool, the warmest of our hats. Handwash and lie flat to dry. Choose either the folded over style or the rolled edge.Contact me for colors and sizes. 32.00 shipped conus.

100% Merino Wool. Mashine washable. Our lighter, 3 season hat. The minimal rolled edge weighs between 45 and 50 grams; the folded over edge weighs between 50 and 65 grams. Contact me for additional colors and sizes. 28.00 shipped.

Light three season, super soft Baby Alpaca and Merino Blend. Choose between the rolled edge ( weighs around 40 grams ) or the folded over edge ( weighs around 60 grams). Hand wash and lay flat to dry. 32.00 shipped

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  1. These are fantastic hats. So soft, warm, and light. I’m wearing my fine knit merino right now.

    Thanks Kat!

  2. I have purchased hammock tarp skins from you before and I am very impressed with your quality of work.


  3. I went to order a hat and discussed my wants with Kat and she made me realize that I didn’t want what she was offering. I don’t know of any other retailer willing to come to that conclusion. Kat rocks!

  4. I love the hat I received as a gift.

    My daughter reports that the purchase experience was wonderful.


    Daughter: Would like a hat, merino wool, folded edge, head circumference 23″

    Kat: Color? Have a blue in stock

    Daughter: He’s color blind, doesn’t care, dark color preferred, blue’s fine

    Kat: I have some nice brown yarn, can make one quickly

    daughter: either would be fine

    Kat: (24 hours later) The brown one is ready, will ship today

  5. My wife just opened her xmas gift today and loves it. Got her a small pink and purple blended hat and it fits great. She usually has alot of trouble finding hats that work. The workmanship on these are top notch! Thanks Kat.

  6. I got the light 3-season hat and it feels like butter on my head. So soft and warm and impeccable quality.

  7. Ordered two three season hats and they just arrived after xmas. My girlfriend and I were pretty excited to get the hate in. The were even better in person hen they appeared in pictures!

    Can’t say enough about the quality, light warm and comfy!

    Oh and Katharina was extremely easy to deal with, definetely will buy again from her!

  8. My hat in custom colors is great! One of the threads broke and Kat fixed it for me free! I will be ordering more very soon!

  9. Ammon Bruce

    Kat’s hats is my brother and mine top pick for favorite gear. They are a national treasure to all that own one. We are both very sad to hear that about Kat’s having to stop making them. Kat is one of the reasons why buying from the cottage market really is the best chose out there. Thank you for being the best.

    • Claire Walters

      Ammon – I too enjoy wearing Kats hats. quality gear!. Kat is temporarily stopped knitting hats until her injury heals. Her other items are still avail. thank you for stopping by & your support!

  10. I ordered a hat for myself and for my girlfriend…can’t say enough good things about them! Great workmanship, comfort, and style! I will gladly continue to support Mountain Goat Gear at any chance I get! Thanks, Kat!

  11. Matthew Iceaxe Edwards

    Katharina, i love my hat!
    I gave my spare hat, one of two you gave me at ggg, to a local that didn’t have a hat.
    I moved to the Big Horn mtns of Wyoming and it snowed 5″ this morning.. sept 11.
    Hope your hand heals up well.
    All the best to you and family.

  12. Sorry to hear about your hand, God Bless…

  13. I hope we’ll be able to order a hat one day soon!

  14. Please let me know when you’re able to knit again. I have a couple of your hats that I wear all the time. However, I’m loving them to death. lol I could use some replacements.

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