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SEPT 2020: ATTENTION!    Kat owner of Mountaingoat hats & Goods has gone out of business at this time due to fires in California.

MountainGoat Hats & Goods store is a small cottage industry, comprised of one woman and occasionally her daughter. All products are made in this little home in the Santa Cruz mountains.



  1. Reggie Garrett


    Just wanted to let you know the hat you for me is awesome. I’ve been doing some hiking in the Ozarks. Hammocking has been great wearing your cap while around camp. It’s kept my noggin warm in the mid 30s as long as I was dressed appropriately everywhere else.

    The cap is so buttery soft.

    The Alpaca and Merino blend fibers you selected are perfect.

    Thanks for a great hat.



  2. Tim Sullivan

    Just got my hat today. Fantastic. I love it. The blend is perfect and feels great.

    I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your hard work.

    Many, many thanks.


  3. Patricia Neville (grannypat)

    Received my mesh snake skins last week, just before I went to a group hang in NC. Put them on my tarp while there. That broke my rule of trying everything before I take it out, but it all worked well. Well made and they make it so much easier to take down the tarp.

  4. We received our Mesh Snake Skins earlier this week. They work great! I am glad I ordered with the extra “pocket” for cordage. It makes it very nice for deploy/take down.
    Thanks again for the great product!

  5. Your mesh tarp sleeve is perfect for my Simply Light winter haven. Thank you for creating a perfect, simple solution.

  6. Great product and very well made. The small details and the guidelines storage pouch are why I will order again. Great job Kat! I tagged some pics on instagram under #mountaingoatgear #backpackinggearreview

  7. Chris Lopanik

    Excellent quality and craftsmanship. I’ve used the tarp sleeves quite a bit since I got them (11′ snake skins for an ENO profly) and they work terrifically. I recommend this for anyone who wants to cut their tarp setup time down significantly. 5 stars mountaingoat, I look forward to getting more stuff from you in the future.

  8. Luke Burnett

    I received my mesh tarp skins just after the fourth of july weekend, very speedy considering it was a holiday. They are so well made and the guy line pouches are so nice I would definitely recommend these sleeves. The 11 foot version fits my Warbonnet Super fly tarp beautifully. Thank you so much for making such a rad product, keep up the outstanding work! :)

  9. Scott D. Lynch

    Mountaingoat, I have purchased from you a couple of times and your products and work are great. Throughly pleased! I am inquiring if you car or are willing to sew 2 custom sizes no see um mesh zip pouches?

  10. Great job on the snakeskins, Kat. I was astonished to see them arrive so soon. There’s nothing like them for putting away a tarp easily and quickly.

    Thank you so much for getting them done so fast.

  11. Alexander Smith

    Just received the 11ft mesh tarp skins for my eno housefly tarp. Fits perfect! Amazing quality that Kat puts into these. Can’t wait to try them out on my next excursion!

  12. Just received your mesh snake skins a week after ordering…beautiful Job Kat…love the pouches on the ends and the skins work perfectly on my Warbonnet super fly….thanks again!!

  13. Received my snakeskins for my Warbonnet 13’ Superfly last week. Immediately hung the tarp in the back yard and installed the sleeves. They work great and the build quality is awesome. Thanks for such a great product!


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