Ridgeline Stuffer / mesh stuff sack

The Ridgeline Stuffer: The 2-sided mesh stuff sack.

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The Ridgeline Stuffer is a very lightweight option for storing your water bottle and other items that are hard to fit in a hammock ridgeline organizer. It works as a stuff sack with cord and toggle openings on both ends. For removable ridgelines is can be threaded right through the line. It can be secured to fixed lines by running the cord over the line and back through the toggle.

2-sided mesh sack

Sizes & Specs:

Small ( 10 inches long ) fits up to a 32 ounce Gatorade bottle, or a smaller bottle plus a flashlight. Weighs 4.5 grams.

Medium ( 12 inches long, and a little wider) fits a bottle, socks, down booties etc. weighs just over 6 grams.

Large ( 15 inches long) will fit / compress a down jacket or a number of smaller items.

Other sizes available upon request.

Made with the lightest NoSeeUm. Can also be used as just a lightweight stuff sack.

Cost shipped in U.S Small: 12.00/ Med: 13.50/ LG: 15.00

Do you want a channel attachment or mitten hooks? Quantity:

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2-sided mesh-sack 2 sided mesh sack mesh stuff sack

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