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Hey guys name here is Robbie (smokeeater908) and I want to thank you for checking out my page.

I have been involved in sheet metal work for basically my whole life. I am 3rd generation in a family owned HVAC & sheet metal shop. Where we do everything from residential to industrial work, have made everything you can possibly imagine using sheet metal.

I have always loved to tinker with stuff (even got most talented in high school LOL!) and when I started hammocking and then hiking I thought that I could help contribute to the hiking world to make things easier on the trail.

I came up with a concept of some unique outdoor gear and then Smokeeater908’s Outdoor Concepts was started. I want to try and make durable yet effective gear that people on the trail would be proud to use. So with Smokeeater908’s Outdoor Concepts I am going to be constantly trying to give you only the best products I can produce.


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  1. Mike Markins KLRsarge

    Been blocked by Tinny for a year now… Well his high and mighty thinking has turned me from him but not his stoves. I would love to put his, now mine Bongo Pro up against your Backdraft… I see your ideas and cant agree more… Tinny is an ass and he never says he’s wrong… $80.00 for your Backdraft and and I’ll run it head to head. and I hope you burry him… Your friend and fellow hiker from KY… Mike A. Markins USAR.

  2. Robbie,
    Keep your head up and keep on . I have been building DYI gear since the 70’s . All of us as end users know it’s not revolution it’s evolution.We all stand on the shoulders of those who came before us.We make improvements,that’s what we do.And if we can make a little money and better our family’s position. Good on us.

    I say keep on keepin on and may God bless you and yours.
    A man just trying to make his way is welcome at my campfire any time.

  3. Reasons I love my mini alky stove.

    Fuel is cheap and easy to find.
    Stove and cook pot are almost weightless.
    Stove is very functional, even some control over flame size!
    Sips fuel (need to carry even less fuel).
    No empty canisters to pack out.
    Excellent customer support.
    Even smaller profile than my previous alcohol stove setup.
    Quick shipping.

    This is an excellent piece of kit, well crafted, intuitively designed for lightweight hammocking/camping/hiking/kayaking…

    Great work, Smokeeater!

  4. Just got my Georgia Heat package in and I have to say it is a work of art. Cant wait to take it on the trail. I also want to say Robbie added some great customer service when he didn’t have to. Any time you get more than you paid for you need to pay attention to a provider like that. That is exactly what I got and wanted to call it out.

    Thanks for the great equipment and more of my money will be headed your way for sure. Cant wait for the next evolution.

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