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Adjustable UCR hammock structural ridgeline Finally the perfect adjustable ridgeline to get the proper sag on your hammock. With traditional adjustable ridge lines being made out of whoopie slings, the extra slack lands inconveniently in the middle of the hammock. With the Dutchware method of using a UCR followed by a prussic, the extra line winds up either high above your head or past your feet. Each adjustable ridgeline is adjustable between 125 inches to 18 inches. With locked brummels on each end, installation is simple and fool-proof. Made from Dynaglide you don’t have to worry about stretching or breaking. $12

Detachable Adjustable UCR hammock structural ridgeline – Same great ridgeline as Adjustable UCR hammock Structural ridgeline, only there is a 6 inch loop and a Dutchware Titanium ridge line biner so you can easily detach your ridgeline for lounging in your hammock like a chair. $23

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QTY: Adjustable UCR hammock structural ridgeline$12.00

Detachable Adjustable UCR hammock structural ridgeline$23.00
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Adjustable Ridgeline


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