Baby Orca Underquilt / 5-in-1 Jerry Chair

Baby Orca UQ (underquilt) for hammocks.

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Baby Orca: Made with breathable nylon outer covering. The UQ layers are Differential Cut (outer layer slightly larger than inner layer). This makes it less critical how you hang the UQ.

Specs: 3/4 length quilt. Baby Orca UQs are 52″ long. About 45″ at the widest point.

Underquilts fit all gathered end hammocks, including Hennessey, ENO, Speer, Switchback, DIY, as well as Warbonnet Blackbird and Traveler.

All MMG UQs have End Channels to assist you in fitting them to your hammock.

QTY: Baby Orca – $135

QTY: Baby Orca w/ double insulation – $175

QTY: Baby Orca Jerry Chair-CS – $145

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A 5-in-1 Jerry Chair is a Baby Orca with, a pole pocket and channels all around. The suspension is the sliding type, through the side channels. You can use it as an Underquilt, a Jerry Chair, a gear hammock, a pack cover or a ground cloth.

Baby Orcamade with Climashield™ APEX 3/8" loft. approx weight 10 ozfor use down to 32*F$135
Baby Orca Jerry Chair-CSMade with Climashield™. Jerry Chairs are made with the thinner 3/8″ loft Climashield™ APEX.for use down to 32*F$145

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Baby Orca Underquilt Baby Orca Underquilt orca-in-snow Jerry camp chair

Regarding condensation: You should be aware of conditions that could cause condensation if you use MMG PPEF UQs outside other insulation. If you are unsure, then put the PPEF against the hammock.

What is PPEF? Perforated PolyEthylene Foam is what MacEntyre uses instead of Insultex. The outer layers of Insultex are polypropylene scrim. The middle layer of Insultex is PEF: 1/32″ polyethylene foam. MacEntyre uses just the PEF, and he perforates it so that when you stuff it, the air has somewhere to go. He faces PPEF with lightweight nylon on both sides to protect it.

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