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Canny Designs, LLC is a company that specializes in helping you turn your product ideas into reality. With our successful LoopAlien™ – Rapid Cord Attachment project on we have developed partnerships with many talented companies. This furthers our reach and allows us to leverage those resources and relationships for you. Whether you need a proof of concept, design advice or a functional prototype we can help.


The LoopAlien (TM)

Makes attaching and adjusting cords a snap. Use it on tents, tarps, canopies, cargo, backpacks, strollers and more!

la-project-main7 IMG_0992 (Large) al-yellowcorduse-002 LoopAlien UFA The LoopAlien ™ is very easy to use as shown in the video and pictures. To adjust, simply release the tension on the cord and reposition. Once the tension is reapplied the LoopAlien(tm) will hold fast. This small, efficient design has been tested using 1.75 mm cord with no slipping. In fact, the more tension you put on the rope, the more the LoopAlien(tm) grips it. The LoopAlien(tm) works with cords all the way up to paracord size. The 1.75 mm and 2.2 mm cords are easier to adjust than the larger paracord sized cords.
The LoopAlien(tm) allows you to quickly open the loop on the cord and wrap around a tree, rock or your buddy that’s just standing around watching you set up camp and re-attach without having to tie or untie a knot. The LoopAlien(tm) is so easy you can use it with your eyes closed.

Available in the following materials: Aluminum & Titanium

Go to LoopAlien for more details or to purchase your LoopAlien’s.


** NOTICE ** The LoopAlien is not designed to support human weight. It must not be used as a life saving device, fall protection or in any manner where failure could cause property damage, injury or loss of life. ***
Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA. PATENT PENDING

IMG_0992 (Large)

1.75mm Dyneema Cord (400 pound test) Sold by the foot. Colors: Grey or Yellow Price: $0.22 per foot



LoopAlien Product Site:
Manufacturer site:



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