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Cinch Buckles for your Hammock suspension

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The cinch buckles are the most simplistic and easiest way to hang your hammock. These timeless devices have proven themselves in all kinds of weather. They are attached to the hammock with a 7/64th Amsteel continuous loop. A tree strap made from 1″ webbing provides all the adjustment. Just wrap your strap around the tree and fasten with your Dutch Clip. Pull the strap to get the right amount of sag and your done. No back-up knot is needed. It is highly recommended that a Ti Dutch Clip is used with this suspension as with any webbing based suspension.

Dutchware will splice a continuous loop directly on your cinch buckles to provide for the lines of the loop to be at the corners of the cinch buckle lessening the likeliness of the cinch buckle rotating.

– cinch buckles are made out of stainless steel
– weigh 27.6 grams each

Cinch Buckle Cinch Buckle



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  1. Greg Wheat (gunner76)

    Are you going to do a Ti version of the Cinch Buckle ? If you are when do your think they might be avaialable ?

    • I am working ong a ti version. They are more challenging that they look. I hope to have then done before spring of 2013

  2. Kyle ( sparkfly88 )

    Won a set of your cinch buckles at the florida hang 3 over the weekend. Really simplified hanging my hammock.

    Thanks a ton for donating to the raffle!!!

    I’m sure I’ll buy some clips eventually. :)

  3. Hi, any news re ti version?

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