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Tarp Flyz & StingerZ for Tarp Suspensions.

Tarp Flyz – A truly unique device developed to connect your tarp to a tree with thin 1.75mm hollow braid line.

Made from titanium, Dutch Flyz are the smallest, strongest, and fastest way to tie off to a tree without actually tying and untying a knot, even when wearing mittens.

Designed for the most weight conscious hiker Dutch Flyz weigh only 2 grams.

They can be moved easily to any part of your ridgeline and quickly locked into position. Their unique design will hold in the windiest condition and never need a backup knot.

Stingerz– 3.4 grams each. Same easy connection using 1.75 hollow braid line combined with a mini titanium carabiner so you can freely move your ridgeline.

Tarp Flyz: We can splice 2 tarp flyz on 10ft zing it with locked brummels and back spliced the end so they are easy to install, can never come off, has a professional finished look.

Stingerz: We can splice the StingerZ on 12ft zing it with locked brummels and back spliced the end so they are easy to install, can never come off, has a professional finished look.

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  1. These are fantastic. I replaced the figure 9’s on my tarp because when I need to use it, I often need it up in a hurry and these worked like a charm. Thanks Dutch!

  2. kkilgroe

    Great product Dutch. Cut my tarp setup time in half.

  3. These work awesome! I recommend a Dutch hook for the other end of the tarp line!

  4. Charles Cain


    Order arrived today and the quality and workmanship on the Hooks and Flyz is super! Should have ordered these a long time ago!

  5. Dutch, the Tarp Flyz are incredible! I love using them.

  6. These are great! Light weight, quick, and space efficient. Thanks Dutch!

  7. J.D. / SkyDog

    Thanks to HappyCamper & BearChaser, I got a pair of Flyz and some Zing-it for my B-Day. Dutch may remember how clumsy I am and would be proud to know that even I was able to thread the cord onto the Flyz and attach to my tarp in under 2 hours! – Just kidding!

    Thanks Dutch for another too cool item!

  8. You, sir, are a damn genius.


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