Quilt Hooks

Quilt hooks make your hammock quilt fit perfectly every time.

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Quilt Hooks Aluminum quilt hook weighs in at .3 grams each they are almost weightless. You can hand sew them to the hem of you hammock to make sure your quilt stays in place. They can also be used on your hammock suspension to change the direction which your quilt is suspended from. Made from polished aluminum, they fit 1/8th shock cord perfectly. They can be slid up and down the suspension easily, yet because of their unique design they stay in place once set.

Plastic sew on quilt hook -This new plastic quilt hook gets sewn to the hem of your hammock and it keeps you quilt in place. Produced and designed by Tato.

Clip on quilt hook-This new style is for hammock without nets only. Just thread it on your quilt suspension and clip it to the hem of your hammock where ever you want. Produced and designed by Tato. *Clip on quilt hooks are white in color, not black.

Ridgeline quilt hook-This new plastic quilt hook stays with your quilt suspension and simply connects to the other side over your ridgeline changing the direction which your quilt is suspended. Produced and designed by Tato.




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  1. I love all of the Dutch Ware Clips, I am going to use them in some handbags I am designing. I am also making some hammock gear and will be using the clips on that!
    Thank You

  2. Those quilts clips are perfect. The problem with carabiners are the smaller they get, the more difficult they are to use. Not an issue with these. They are so tiny they disapear in the suspension, yet so quick and simple to use.

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