Flashover Stove by Smokeeater908

Flashover stove is made from stock aluminum on a metal lathe. OUT OF STOCK!

This stove is a great working stove, it is one stove where you can cook breakfast on the trail and you don’t have to waste left over fuel you just put the lid on it and reuse what fuel you have left. If you are wanting to just keep something warm put the simmer ring on and keep things warm and not boiling. This is an all around very versatile stove that you would be proud to carry in your pack.

The stove weighs in at 1.45 ounces.
All stoves that leave S.O.C. have had fuel added to test function of stove.

Cost: $50.00

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  1. That is a very nice little stove. The video does a great job at showing them off. This will have to go on my Christmas list…

    Is the 1.45 oz including everything seen (stove, carbon felt, simmer ring and lid)? Also, when the lid is placed over the stove while fuel still remains inside, is it safe to transport it this way?

    • The weight does include the whole stove kit, I would still carry it in a ziplock bag but as long as fuel is not running over then you should be fine.

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