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Goose Feet Gear is the maker of fine down clothing & accessories. Ben’s gear is ultralight; known for it’s warmth & high quality craftsmanship. Goose Feet gear is ideal for backpacking, camping, hiking, hunting or any outdoor activity during the cold weather.


down booties

Down Booties

These Down Socks are made from your choice of lightweight nylon fabrics and 850+ fill power premium goose down. They have elastic ankle cuffs and come with a stuff sack. Sizes range from x-small to x-large with a variety of colors & down fill to choose from. Great for ultralight backpackers or wear around the house during those cold night to keep your feet warm! Starting at $65

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over booties

Over Booties

This shell will allow you to use your down socks around camp and for those midnight calls of nature. They have a Dyneema X sole, along with a silnylon upper with a shockcord drawstring at the top to seal out rain, snow, and the cold. There is a second drawcord at the ankle to help cinch the over-booties around the socks. They also have a removable closed-cell foam insole for extra foot protection when walking around camp. If you would like for these to be completely waterproof, you will need to seam seal these yourself. Starting at $45 –

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Down Pillows

Stuffed with maximum-lofting 850+ fill power down, these down pillows are soft and warm. Great for back and stomach sleepers.

  • Size Small (8” x 10.5”) weighs 1.7oz with 1.5oz of down.
  • Size Medium (10” x 14”) weighs 1.9oz with 1.5oz of down.
  • Size Large (12” x 18”) weighs 2.1oz with 1.5oz of down.
  • Size Exped UL Large (14” x 21”) weighs 2.2oz with 1.5oz of down.
  • If you find that down pillows compress too much for you, the stuffsack option is for you! There will be a sewn-on pocket that you can stuff any extra clothes in to create more support. Starting at $25 –

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    About Ben Smith
    ben smithGooseFeet Gear was founded in early 2010 by Ben Smith, who at the time was 20 years old and in his 3rd year of college at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA.

    The company started out with down socks as the primary product, and quickly moved into other simple areas like waterproof over-booties and pillows. I started designing other products in late 2010 – mostly down pants, balaclavas, and vests. I used word of mouth to sell quite a few of these items. Starting in 2011, I started making jackets and quilts as well.

    Every item that we make is hand-made in the USA, so you can feel good about the fact that your hard-earned money is helping to keep a small local business going.

    Contact info

    Phone: (478) 223-1060

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