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Quilt clips & quilt hangers attach to your hammock suspension to make your hammock quilt fit perfectly every time.

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hammock quilt clips Quilt clips are a tiny side release buckle designed for shock cord. Although there are many DIY applications they specifically designed as a quick connect and release for your underquilt. They have a male and female side so you can make it so your underquilt foot and head end can’t be switch. The hole on each end will fit 1/8th amseel so you can put it right on your suspension. You can also put it on you ridgeline and have your quilt suspension connect directly to it. If you like to have everything in its place these will help with them. Sew them on to your pack to make any accessory like a bandanna or a pocket knife easily accessible. If you are weight conscious they only weigh 1 gram a piece. Introductory offer $.90 a piece

Quilt Hangers Quilt hangers are the simple solution to your quilt suspension. They are light at about 0.6 gram per pair. Easy to install, you just slide them on your shock cord. They function better than a carabiner; they orientate your shock cord so it runs down either side of your hammock with no twists. Once installed Quilt Hangers stay locked on the shock cord so you won’t be fumbling in the dark trying to hang your quilt. They are sold in pairs, you get one white Quilt Hanger and one black Quilt Hanger, so you will easily identify the head and foot end of your quilt. Best part; they are only $3 per pair. Made by Tato.

To save our customers on shipping costs, when choosing your package size we have kept the cost the same whether you order 1 or 12 clips. Same for quilt hangers. Up to 5 pairs costs the same for 1 pair or 5 pairs. QTY’s above these amounts, additional shipping will apply.

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Quilt Clips $0.90ea

Quilt Hangers $3 per pair
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