Mini Heat ST Alcohol Stove [Safety top]

Mini Heat Saftey top version prevents overfilling & spills.

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UPDATE AUG 27 2015: Smokeeater908 is not taking orders at this time. Ability to order will open back up once current orders are fullfilled

Version 2 of the Mini Heat alcohol stove with an added feature of a safety top for those new to the alcohol stove world.

This top should help prevent you from over filling the stove and spilling alcohol. The stove weighs in at 22 grams.

Options to purchase Mini Heat ST with IMUSA Cook kit, or 908 Cook Kit.

Qty: Mini Heat ST $40

Qty:IMUSA Cook Kit w/ Mini Heat ST $74

Qty:Mini Heat ST Cook Kit 8oz $60

Qty:Mini Heat ST Cook Kit 10oz $60

Qty:Mini Heat ST Cook Kit 12oz $60

Mini Heat ST alcohol stove imusa-cook-kit Smokeeater908 Mini Cook Kit

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