Mini Ring of Fire Alcohol Stove

The stove that has revolutionized the alcohol stove world, this is the Mini Ring of Fire with the adjustable base. The stove has air vents cut in the bottom and with the adjustable base you can control the amount of heat the stove puts out. With the vents open you can boil water quickly or with them closed you can bake with the stove. This stove will boil 2 cups of 36 degree water in under 7 minutes.

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UPDATE AUG 27 2015: Smokeeater908 is not taking orders at this time. Ability to order will open back up once current orders are fullfilled

Mini Ring of Fire Stove $40
Includes: Stove, fuel line, nipple cap & 4oz fuel bottle.
Weight: Stove and adjustable base weigh in at 1.3 ounces

Mini Ring of Fire with integrated pot stand. This is the quintessential alcohol stove, it has the features of the mini ring of fire with the ability to run a low and high heat and then it also is including an integrated pot stand that will hold any size pot from beer can to an imusa 12cm. This stove weighs in with pot stand and all at 3.75 ounces. Includes stove w/ integrated pot stand, nipple cap, fuel line and 4oz bottle. $65

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We have put together a couple of options to suit various styles. Choose from the Mini Ring of Fire stand alone stove w/ option to add our Take Down pot stand or the Mini Ring of Fire stove with integrated pot stand.

Qty: Mini Ring Of Fire Stove $40

Qty:Mini Ring of Fire Stove with Integrated pot Stand $65

Qty:Take Down Pot Stand $35

Ring of fire alcohol stove

Mini Ring of Fire vent closed

Ring of fire alcohol stove

Mini Ring of Fire vent open

Ring of Fire alcohol stove with integrated pot stand

Stove with Integrated Stand



  1. Hi I love the stove I bought of you about a year ago ran done but I had to buy an a4 sheet of 12mm carbon felt and I found out if you get a pencil torch and take the tip of it so you have just the screw on bit removed hook the blue tube line to the threads on the pencil torch and turn up the gas and light it on low gas it will run for 10 mins and boil 3 cups of water enjoy

  2. How long does it take to boil 2 cups of water? Fuel consumption mini vs the other ring of fire to boil? Can you dry bake with both stoves? Great stoves!


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