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Nylon winter hammock sock

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Nylon Hammock Sock with SEEP – Weighs 10.5oz Fits all gathered end hammocks, except those with a bottom entry. Made with breathable nylon.

This sock opens along one side, at the edge of the hammock, using the SEEP (Side Entry/Exit Portal). The SEEP is an overlapping top with a full length opening. The sock is completely covered by the overlapping top. Use the Sock by itself, or put an UnderQuilt inside. The non-insulated Sock will add more warmth than you would imagine. Since it encloses the entire hammock, it eliminates edge gaps that allow cold air to spill in. It is a ‘micro climate’, water resistant, wind proof cover. It is easier to get in and out of this sock than any other! $150 for a non-insulated Nylon Hammock Sock with SEEP

Nylon Hammock Sock with Dutch SEEP
Add a lower panel to the SEEP, suspended with shock cord, which provides an overlapping closure. The upper portion of the SEEP is shortened accordingly. $20 to add a nylon Dutch SEEP

Climashield Apex 3/8″ loft insulation.

By insulating the bottom, it wraps insulation completely around you and your hammock. This is an excellent choice for any temperature. By itself, it is good to below freezing. With a supplemental Under Quilt and Top Quilt, it will take you to very cold temperatures. The insulated hammock sock is lined on the inside with nylon, and each panel is insulated separately in construction, so the result is a solidly built sock with insulation that won’t bunch or shift with use

QTY: MMG Hammock Sock with SEEP – $150

QTY: MMG Hammock Sock with POD OPTION – $250.00

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