Shamu Underquilt

Full length Underquilt for hammock camping

Molly Mac Gear Store –> Shamu UQ (Underquilt)

Shamu Underquilt: This is a full length size underquilt. Made from Climashield™ with breathable nylon covering.

The UQ layers are differential cut (outer layer slightly larger than inner layer). This makes it less critical how you hang the UQ.

Underquilts fit all gathered end hammocks.

All MMG UQs have End Channels to assist you in fitting them to your hammock.

Shamu full length UQ using Climashield™ APEX insulation 3/8″ loft: $135
(Climashield™ is breathable and this UQ is good to below freezing, packable to just over 1L, about 16 oz total weight.)

QTY: Shamu UQ Climashield™ – $135

QTY: Shamu UQ Climashield™ Double Insulation – $175

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