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Here is the latest in the Smokeeater908 alcohol stove collection, this one is called “Georgia Heat”.

UPDATE AUG 27 2015: Smokeeater908 is not taking orders at this time. Ability to order will open back up once current orders are fullfilled

This is a bottle fed alcohol stove that you can fuel and keep burning as long as you have a fuel bottle with fuel in it. This stove is also going to come with a rubber cap over the fuel tap and if you desire to use the stove without the fuel bottle you won’t have to worry about fuel spilling out of the stove.

You can use the stove as a bottle fed stove or you can use it without the fuel bottle attached. This stove is made for the patient hiker, it is not a fast boiling stove but it is very fuel efficient, on one fueling the stove will burn for average 17-19 minutes.

Georgia Heat Weight Stove weighs 1.8 ounces.

The Georgia Heat Stove comes with a case, two fuel bottles with caps, a pot stand and a fuel line with a nipple cap.

Price: $60.00


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  1. Ty Sprankle

    I was wondering if your officially selling the orange snow peak lids?

  2. Scott(TheLionsDen72)

    Georgia Heat, The Flagship of the Alcohol stoves!! If you want a full size Alcohol stove with great versatility, This is the one to get!
    I have had my GH for quite some time now and every time I use it, I find something new to luv about it! You can cap it for stand alone use, bottle feed, even simmer using this stove!
    Fuel usage is decent and with all it’s advantages…..A must have piece of gear for any backpacker, camper, prepper, stovie period!!
    Thnx for the great work on the stove sir!!!

  3. What kind of alcohol do you use in the Georgia Heat Stove?

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