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Whoopie hooks ultralight hammock suspension hardware

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Made from titanium these aren’t you father’s hooks. These whoopie hooks made by Dutchware Gear make it easy to connect & disconnect your hammock suspension when setting up camp. They weigh only 3.4 grams and will hold up to 1000 pounds. They replace the whoopie bead with a hook that will “snap” on to 7/64ths amsteel. They are easy to connect, easy to disconnect but will stay on until you disconnect them. They come sold as the hardware alone and you can splice them on your whoopie sling yourself.

Dutchware gear whoopie Hook Specs:
a pair of Whoopie hooks are 3.4 grams
with whoopie slings and loops is 47 grams
complete with slings, loops and 4′ hugger is 108 grams

View Whoopie hook instructions (pdf)

$16 – Whoopie hooks (per pair)
$36 – 1 Pair Whoopie Hooks + 1 Pair 6 foot whoopie slings made from black 7/64ths amsteel with the whoopie hook already spliced on. (6″ continuous loops included) Custom Colors available.

$ 7.85 – 4ft Tree huggers
$ 9.05 – 6ft Tree huggers
$10.25 – 8ft Tree huggers
* 3.5″ loops sewn at both ends of webbing
* 1 ” polyester
* Tree huggers sold in pairs

$13 – Aluminum Dutch Clips (per pair)
Aluminum Dutch Clips temporarily sold out




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