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Adam(Stormcrow) VERY nice site ShadowAlpha. I think this place is going to be a hit!

From MrBabelfish5 I like the way your website is developing. I ordered a pair of dutch flys a couple of days ago. It was really easy and smooth. Great work!!
From Andy N. from British Columbia. (aka Hangandy) In the end I love the direction your page is going. Specialty products, high quality and function, low to mid price range, innovative ideas, and a nice earth friendly attitude. definitely in my bookmarks for future purchases. I look forward to future expansion. I don’t have lots of time to hang out on forums looking for great products so it would be neat to see them on your page. But not too much expansion, I like the cottage industry sensibility.

Best of luck and wishes and good Karma your way!

from Lazy River Road Awesomely amazingly super cool website!