Chaos CTR Adrenaline Multi-Tasker Pro Balaclava – Review

Gear review by Steven

I have a beard. Mostly because I think I look stupid without it, but also because it is a natural insulator. If my wife would let me, I would grow it out more until it was a little thicker. As it is now, its not much against cold and wind. There are days when its just not enough and I need something more substantial to keep my face and neck warm.

On days like that you can usually find me on the ski slopes using a fleece gaiter to keep my face warm. I pull it up high over my ears and pull a warm beanie down over it. It gets the job done on those really cold days, but its not the best. It wasn’t until recently, when I received a Chaos CTR Adrenaline Multi-Tasker Pro Balaclava, that I realized there was something better.

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