First Look at Luke’s Ultralite Silnylon Rain Shell

With the recent addition of Luke’s Ultralite to OutdoorTrailGear I found it fitting to add this unboxing video & first impression of Luke’s silnylon rain shell written by Chad at Stick’s Blog. Thank’s to Chad for a great detailed overview of this product!

Here’s what Chad had to say about the silnylon rain shell
Complete article on Stick’s Blog
I first came across Luke’s Ultralite through a recent charity hike in which the Water Monkey was planning earlier this year. He was raffling off some cool gear to help raise money for the charity hike, and it just so happened that a silnylon rain jacket from Luke’s Ultralite happened to be one of those items.

Now, I will admit, just before seeing this I had picked up another silnylon rain jacket from a different company. Concerning fit and finish on that jacket, I was happy enough with it, but, for me specifically there were some shortcomings such as fit, or more precisely, sleeve length. When looking over the one at Luke’s Ultralite, I realized that he could do some custom work to get the sleeves to fit me in length, as well, I liked that he used a waterproof front zip, and considering that this is a silnylon jacket, I liked that he offered pit zips.

Once I decided it was time to go ahead and buy one of Luke’s jackets, I figured instead of going back and forth in emails, I would just cut to the chase and give him a call. So, last Sunday (12/9) afternoon I did just that (his number is listed on his site). He answered quickly and was more than happy to talk with me and work through all the details as to what it was that I wanted in this jacket. Then on Tuesday (12/11) evening I placed the order and 3 days later (Friday, 12/14) I got a delivery notification email. And today (12/17) while I was sitting here, the mail lady knocked on my door with the package!

Here is an unboxing video I did once I got it in my hands:

Manufacturer: Luke’s Ultralite
Product: Silnylon Rain Shell
Year of Manufacture: 2012
MSRP: (US) $69.00 (+ $10.00 for additional pit zips)
Size Ordered: XLarge (with custom work)
Listed Weight (w/ Stuff Sack): 4.2 oz (without pit zips)
Measured Weight (w/ Stuff Sack): 4.7 oz (with pit zips)
Fabric: Silnylon
Color Ordered: Black (Also available in grey and taupe)
Custom Work:
**Add 2 inches to sleeve length
**Adjustable wrist cuffs
**1 way waterproof zipper
**Pit zips

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