Georgia Heat Alcohol Stove Gear Review

Scott Ross has been using Smokeeater908 stoves since the beginning. In this article Scott talks about his experiences with the Georgia Heat alcohol stove

*Please note: The red color of the Georgia Heat stove shown in this review/demo is a special edition that Scott Ross purchased. The Georgia Heat is normally plain aluminum & does not have color.

Stove weighs 1.8 ounces.

The Georgia Heat alcohol stove comes with a case, two fuel bottles with caps, a pot stand and a fuel line with a nipple cap.

Large stove, solid design, durable, decent range for cooking options, good size for packing/pocket areas. It can be used as a stand alone stove. Perfect starter stove.

Not as easy to store away as the Mini Heat, need plenty of practice to do simmering (large burner=high output), not recommended for small pots,better choice for larger pots (10cm & up).

The Georgia Heat is the “Flagship” of the Smokeeater908 stoves. This full size tube fed alcohol stove offers some great versatility that most other tend to lack. here are some of my thoughts on this stove.

I have used this stove over the course of the last year. The stove performs quite well over a variety of different meals and cooking needs. While being a large stove, meals such as rice can still be made easily. I want to talk about this because rice-based meals are one of those that can be tricky to make.

When making a rice-based meal, simmering becomes key to this process. If there is too much heat, rice can easily be burned and difficult to clean up. You need to be able to regulate the heat. Rice tends to take a long time to cook and needs to be watched with a vigilant eye.

When I first started out, pinch valves were not a part of the cooking experience yet. This led to many trial & error moments. What I found to work was to let the stove burn down and only add as much fuel as needed to bring the glowing ring out half way from the center of the felt. This can be a lot of work when using a large stove but really helps with the learning curve for what the stove can handle.

Cooking in a simmer mode is easier to achieve now that we have the pinch valves.
Pinch valves help you regulate the flow of fuel from a fire plug to the stove. We will talk more about this in a later review.

Although this stove does not pack away as easily as the Mini Heat, it still fits in most pockets and can be used anywhere. The biggest advantages this stove offers are two things.

1: As an introduction to bottle fed wick stoves, the learning curve is pretty forgiving. you have a good amount of leeway. With such a large burner top, less likely to overfill.

2: This stove is a good choice for those who want to transition from a “pour & go” stove to a bottle fed stove.

GH-002Since this can be used with a bottle or as a “stand alone” stove, It’s a perfect choice for those who want to make that transition to bottle fed stoves. The fact that in can hold over 1/2oz of fuel with the bottom capped gives you options on how to use the stove.

This is why I would recommend this stove to anyone who is changing over from the penny-stoves or just starting out in the alcohol stove world. Using this stove for your meals, the possibilities are endless!

My opinion on this stove has not changed over the course of the year. here is my statement directly from the Smokeeater908 page on the Georgia Heat:

Georgia Heat, The Flagship of the Alcohol stoves! If you want a full size Alcohol stove with great versatility, This is the one to get!

I have had my GH for quite some time now and every time I use it, I find something new to luv about it! You can cap it for stand alone use, bottle feed, even simmer using this stove!

Fuel usage is decent and with all it’s advantages – This is a great stove for any backpacker, camper, prepper or stovie.

Scott Ross

Scott Ross the author of this alcohol stove gear review can be found on Youtube @TheLionsDen72

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