Hyker Alcohol Stove Gear Review

Some Specs:
Here is the Hyker Stove, (made by Smokeeater908 ) this alcohol stove comes with a pot stand that has aluminum legs. The stove comes with the three legs and two spare legs, a case and fuel line and nipple cap. The complete stove setup weighs in at 2.3 ounces stove weighs 1 ounce and the pot stand weighs in at 1.3 ounces.

Solid build, Compact, easy to use, comes with pot stand, good boil times, great introduction stove for newer users.

no simmer mode, not compatible with FirePlug.

Lightweight alcohol stove Hi everyone,
Here we have the HYKER Stove. This alochol stove is another great introduction stove for newer users. With the nipple being just a little more than three quarters up to the top makes it easy to fill while using the bottle method. Once the fuel is at the same level as the nipple, you just stop squeezing the bottle and it will pull down back into the bottle any fuel above the nipple line.

The other great thing about this stove is, you can cap the nipple and pour directly from the top. This allows you to use this as a “Stand Alone” stove as well. In this mode it hold approximately Three quarters oz. of fuel. More than enough for a dehydrated meal.

Alcohol stoveThe only draw back to this stove is that you cannot simmer or Dry Bake with it. It is a single output stove. Either its burning fuel or its not. For most users this will make no difference.

No matter which method you prefer, the one advantage this stove has is it’s included pot stand. The burner is removable. This gives you the option to cut down on some grams if that’s your thing. The pot stand has a few pros to it as well.

1st: Has two settings for cook pots. One for larger pots. this works for pots like a SnowPeak 600 up to a MSR Titan or SnowPeak 900. The next setting for small pots. This works well for the small Mini cook pot, SnowPeak 450 up to the SnowPeak 600.

2nd: The MiniHeat stove works well in this pot stand too. There are also those few special addition stoves that have been produced by Smokeeater908 that work also. For only $25, this is a great add on. Since it can be taken apart and only weighs 1.3oz, it packs well without adding a lot of weight or taking up a lot of space.

Bottom Line…….

If you are new to the alcohol stove world or just love collecting them, this is one to have. The HYKER Stove is great for the “dehydrated meal” backpacker and/or the campfire cook who wants a back-up to get through those “ It’s raining and I can’t burn any wood” moments or for those “Just on the go” meals.

This is one worth keeping in your cook-kit for your backpack, bug-out bag, or car kit. The HYKER Stove will do the job every time.

Thank you for joining us and please remember…..

“Get some gear, Get outdoors, and Enjoy life!”

Scott Ross

Scott Ross the author of this alcohol stove gear review can be found on Youtube @TheLionsDen72

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