Land Shark Survival Shelter Gear review

WHAT IS A LAND SHARK? An Instant survival shelter and a good tool for a bad day. Land Shark is designed to save your life from hostile elements on land or in water. Its patented design keeps you warm, dry, and visible to search & rescue crews for miles. When traveling into the unknown, always bring your Land Shark.

Just recently Smokeeater908 was seen talking about the Land-Shark survival blanket on his youTube channel.

Below is wording from the manufacturers site –

The Land Shark is constructed of a micro-thin layer of aluminized film laminated to a resilient, composite reinforced, ripstop material. The aluminized coating reflects up to 80% of radiated body heat. The tightly-woven ripstop reinforcing seam construction resists tears and punctures, even from boots and sticks. The Land Shark is completely windproof, waterproof and acts as a vapor barrier.

How it works?

1 Heat Retention
A micro-thin layer of aluminized film reflects up to 80% of radiated body heat – highly effective in combating hypothermia on land or in the water with a life vest on.

2 Vapor Barrier
Land Shark is completely windproof and waterproof. This barrier prevents body oils, waste and blood from exiting the bag when used in water.

3 Military-Grade Construction
Tightly woven, ripstop reinforced waterproof seams reduce punctures or tears during use.

4 Eyelets
Eyelets help attach the 550 paracord when making a shelter out of Land Shark.

5 International Orange
Land Shark’s eye-catching color is visible to search & rescue teams from miles away. In water, it provides more than 20 times the visibility of a person in just a life vest.

6 An Instant Shelter
Simply cut a Land Shark along the seams and prop up its sides to create an incredibly visible, waterproof shelter, which also protects from the sun’s rays.


Reversible – Orange/Camo
The International Orange color makes an excellent emergency signal, readily visible to search & rescue teams from great distances. Digital Camo provides visual masking for avoiding detection.

Composite Reinforced, Ripstop Material
Strengthens Land Shark reducing punctures and tears, even while user is wearing heavy boots.

Aluminized Film
Combats hypothermia and eliminates infrared emissions for stealth and evasion from high-tech, body heat detection equipment. The aluminized material is also radar reflective for search aircraft, search & rescue teams and high speed vessels moving at night over water.

550 Paracord Drawstring
Used to create a hood or to close the shelter entirely for maximum protection and body heat retention. In the water, the closed bag helps prevent water ingestion in heavy seas.

Sea-Dog® Clip and Survival Whistle
Integral tether easily links multiple survivors together during a survival situation at sea. Creates a larger target for search & rescue teams to locate on open water, as well as a whistle to attract attention from great distances.

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The Land-shark includes
– Water, Vapor and Grease-Proof Vacuum Bag
– Instructions Provided
– Sturdy Carry and Storage Pouch 8.5 x 7.6 inches (21.6 X 19.3 cm)
– Belt Loop and Velcro Attachment
– Hook and Loop

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