Mini Heat Alcohol Stove Gear Review

Gear review by Scott Ross

Okay folks, we are going to go over the Mini Heat alcohol stove today and give you a little insight on this little powerhouse of a alcohol stove. So first, let’s get some of the basic specs out of the way.

The Mini Heat made by Smokeeater908 is one piece lightweight stove made from stock aluminum. This stove has had the base milled out on a CNC Mill to cut down on the weight. This stove is a full burning stove for boiling and can burn down to a simmer mode to do some good cooking and/or baking. This stove comes with a micro silicone fuel line, a nipple cap and a 4oz fuel bottle. The stove weighs in at 14 grams.

The Mini heat ST is a “safety top” stove. The top should help prevent from over filling the stove and spilling alcohol. The stove weighs in at 22 grams.


Compact, Lightweight, Solid design, Durable, Wide range for cooking options, Easy to fit in small pockets/packing areas.

Not for the beginner user(recommend the ST model), Not a “pour & go” stove..need to keep other parts with it to use, user should have some working knowledge of bottle fed wick stoves first(best for using safely).

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s go over some of my experiences with this stove.

I started out using this stove for primarily boiling water to rehydrate meals. This small compact stove did wonders for me. I was amazed at how well it performed considering how small it actually is. I found that once you have brought your water to boil, if you take the top piece of carbon felt off, you can do other meals that need long simmer times easily and efficiently.

As I progressed in my use of this stove I realized that I was trying different recipes, moved into steam baking and eventually into dry baking. This opened the possibilities up to many different meals to take on trips and offered more comfort foods to enjoy.

The Mini Heat not only handled these tasks but tended to perform better than larger sized alcohol stoves I have tried before.

This has become my “Go To” stove for just about every trip I take.

Overall, the boil/cooking times are quite reasonable on this tiny powerhouse of a stove. It works well with pots ranging from the small beer cans up to the 12cm pots. Once you get to know this little guy, You will realize what potential it has to do so much when it comes to your pantry in the outdoors.

So in closing, I will leave you with this….

This stove by far, Is the best purchase I have ever made when it comes to stoves!! Great quality, Craftsmanship is impeccable, and the service is outstanding!

When seeing this alcohol stove in action, only then can you truly appreciate it’s elegance!
This stove is a Masterpiece made by a master of his craft!!

Thank you for joining us on this and please remember, “Get some gear, Get outdoors, and Enjoy life!”

Scott Ross

Scott Ross the author of this alcohol stove gear review can be found on Youtube @TheLionsDen72

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