Niteize T1 tactical LED Flashlight Gear review

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to talk a flashlight from Nite-ize. The Inova T1 tactical LED flashlight.

Nite-ize has a variety of flashlight’s from a low level lights to a bright LED with over 200 lumens.

Recently I had the opportunity the try two very different flashlights. One is a smaller style called the Inova XS (which I will talk about in the near future) and this light is called the Inova T1 tactical LED flashlight.

I have used the Inova T1 as an EDC. This light has provided me so many uses over the past few months I couldn’t just put it in a pack for one specific use. Just about every day when I throw a wallet in my pocket the T1 goes in my pockets as well. I don’t carry a big clunky keychain but when I did -IMO, this is no heavier or larger than a big set of keys.


For me the T1 light has worked well at night in the woods on a trail or walking my dog in the dark around my neighborhood with no or very little lighting in the area..

The light beam of Distance!
After some storms I have used it outside to check my property. One section of my property is wooded & over 100 ft deep. I have been able to access the area using the T1 and had no problem lighting up the area from a distance allowing me to see to the back fence. (from approx 75ft) I am very pleased with how far the light can reach on this light on high mode.

3 different levels of lighting
The T1 has three modes – high, low & strobe. I have used the high & low modes only so far. Depending on my situation & needs it is nice to have the option to have a lower light and by no means is this dim, but does light up a specific area in a closer range. It is also nice to know the strobe feature is there for emergencies.

My observations
The T1 came with two 123A Lithium Batteries. After many hours of use – so far they do not seem to be getting weaker. The wrist lanyard it came with has been useful to hook on my pack or belt.

I have dropped it a few times, in the rain, in dirt, on my driveway and even after dropping it a few times it does not show any battle scars. I have not dropped it in the toilet or a deep puddle (yet) to find out if it will survive getting submerged.

You can probably call me a flashlight geek or addict. In the past I have had many different small sized flashlights like the T1 tactical but most are sitting in a random pile waiting to be loved. For one reason or another they have been set aside because they need a new bulb or something might be loose, too heavy, does not offer enough light etc. The T1 for the past 5 months has gotten a lot of love & bonding time with me. I don’t see our relationship ending too soon.. :)

I have used the light for personal uses & hiking – Plus I am a member of the Georgia State guard & the T1 tactical light is part of my pack when I am in uniform. The light is rugged & dependable – I’m sure this will work as well for first responders, firefighters or law enforcement too.

Below I have added wording/specs from the Niteize web site. Here’s a direct link to the T1 product page. The video below is a quick demo/ over view of the T1 & XS lights.

Thanks for reading/ watching!

Disclaimer. Niteize provided the T1 tactical LED light for me to review – however, the opinions & wording above are my own.

About the author: Article by Claire Walters CEO Outdoortrailgear
FB: @Clairewalters / Twitter: @Clairewalters / Claire on Google+ / ClaireTWalters on Instagram / YouTube

Product Details
LED Color: White
Lumens: High – 211 | Low – 20
Run Time: High 4 hours | Low 47 hours
Effective Range (up to): 370 ft (113 m)
Battery Type: 2-123A Lithium Batteries included
Impact-Resistant Head protects optical system
Mineral Glass optical window has a double-sided anti-reflective coating and a Teflon® seal to withstand environmental pressures
High-powered energy efficient 35,000 hour LED
Electronically controlled for uniform light output
Patented optical system – machined aluminum reflector for optimal thermal management and beam projection.
Uniform focused spot with flood beam pattern
Aerospace-Grade Aluminum Body from solid bar stock with military-spec, Type III hard coat anodized finish
Aggressive knurling for positive grip
Color Available: Black
Shockproof, crushproof, and water-resistant construction
O-Ring compression sealing throughout
Tactical end-cap switch activates constant and momentary High, Low, Strobe, and Lockout modes
High quality wrist lanyard included
Individually laser engraved with a serial number for identification
Dimensions (Length x Diameter): 4.56″ (11.58 cm) x 1″ (2.54 cm)
Weight: 3.95 oz. (112 g)
Limited Lifetime Warranty USA



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