Instant Pop up Camping Tents for Couple or Families

Do you like camping with your family or loved one, but don’t like setting up the tent? If so, you can minimize your hassle by using instant pop up camping tent. When you are camping all alone, you can take the risk of setting a tent quickly. On the contrary, it kills time when you are camping with the family or loved one.

Most people like to spend some quality time when they are heading out with their loved one. Thus, they don’t want to spend half a day setting up a tent. For those people, the manufacturer brings instant pop up camping tents for couple or families. In short, the instant tent idea is perfect for enjoying outdoor properly.

If you are new here, then you may wonder what instant pop up tents are. Or what is the function of these tents? What to consider while choosing one? A whole lot of questions comes in mind, right? No worries, we’ll clarify all these queries. All you need to do is to read our article prudently. Let’s get started!

What Is An Instant Pop Up Tent?

Instant pop up camping tent is basically a ready-to-go tent used for camping. It is the most accessible tent which takes only a few minutes to set up.

Instant pop up camping tent (check Outdoor With J)

This tent comes with an integrated pole or single frame design that can collapse faster. The rest part stays attached to the body of the tent. 

Instant pop up tent takes one person to unfold the tent, spread the poles after then lock it in place. All you need to do is to unpack the tent and place it on the ground. It will open automatically, and everything will be all-set within 60 seconds. 

Why Invest In an Instant Pop Tent?

Well, if you are one of those who enjoy the outdoors with family but hates installing the tent. It is worth to invest in an instant pop up tent. These tents are becoming popular among camper due to its easy setup. You get more time to enjoy camping with your loved one. Here are some points that explain the reason for investing in an instant pop up tent. 

  • You can quickly set up the tent.
  • Similarly, it is easy to take down.
  • These tents require less space in a storage bag.
  • Perfect for kids as it doesn’t require tent stakes or poles.
  • In the case of wind, you can use additional pegs to fix the tent to the ground.

What To Consider While Choosing An Instant Pop Up Tent? 

Indeed, instant pop up tents is an excellent option for a couple or families and best as a backup tent. If you are heading toward the market for purchasing one, then stop, here are few things you should consider;

Ease of Setup

The word “Pop up” says it all. These tents highlight the feature set up easily and quickly. It employs numerous mechanisms and technologies to enable the easy setup. Most pop up tent uses a hydraulic system which let it open within a few seconds. So, the first thing you should keep in mind is its ease of setup. 


The size of the pop-up tent is another crucial factor that you should consider. It depends on the number of occupants. Most tents on the market can accommodate 1 to 4 person. So, in case you are heading with a full family, then you may need more than one. 

There are lots of things that are related to the size, for example, setting up and tearing down functionality. It also determines the storage and portability. Smaller units are best for backpacking trips.


Weight of pop up tents also plays a vital role in camping. Heavy tents are relatively stronger, and they can endure strong winds. Conversely, lightweight pop up tents is much more expansive. So, choose according to your needs.

Weather Shield

Usually, pop up tents are lighter compared to traditional ones. It may not withstand heavy wind or rain like others. In case you are camping in rainy or windy days, some units can withstand weather context without any extra gear. 


Instant pop up tent with poor ventilation and stifling interior may ruin your comfort. So, make sure it has proper ventilation. Like, some pop-up tent has a window and a large door to enhance airflow. Excellent ventilation also increases tent stability by minimizing the effect of disruptive exterior wind. 

Durability and Strength

Most pop up tents are made with nylon or polyester, which makes it sturdy and light as well. It has a UV coating to protect against sun rays that mean it can last for long. The most tent has Ripstop feature for making it resistant to tearing and ripping. Also, you can go with fire-resistant tents for use in an emergency. 


The pop-up tent comes in various designs along with different functionality. Like, dome-shaped tents are best for use in inclement weather. Tube-shaped tents are perfect for a large number of peoples. Likewise, backpacking tents are suitable for outdoor enthusiasts. As you are camping with family, you may go with tube-shaped tents. 

Any Drawbacks? 

Even the moon has spots, then why not for instant pop up tents? Let’s know more about them.

  • Although you can use pegs for making it stable, still it provides limited benefits in extreme weather conditions.
  • It is quite challenging to move when you are inside the tent for inadequate headroom. That’s why people often use it for sitting in and sleeping.
  • Pop up tents also has narrow entrances, screen rooms, and other convenient features. 

Maintenance and Safety Tips

  • Select a suitable ground for setting to prevent damages. 
  • Don’t forget to cover the ground using a cloth to provide abrasion protection. 
  • Make sure to use the zipper carefully for entry and exit to prevent from getting stuck.
  • Try to keep foodstuff away from the tent to keep critters away.
  • Avoid using a sharp object which may prick or tear the tent.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, by now on you are well aware of instant pop up camping tent. We tried to include every single detail since you are heading out with your family. Undeniably, instant pop up tents is a great addition for beginners, kids, couples, or families. It allows you to enjoy every single moment by doing recreational things.Therefore, the search for easy to set up tents is over, pick one, and enjoy your next trip!


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  1. Thanks for sharing. There is so much to figure out when shopping for camping gear. I started camping from my kayak and the first time I didn’t have any of the right gear. The info on the pop up tent is definitely helpful.

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