Traveler XXL Double Hammock Gear Review

Hello everyone! In this article I’m going to talk about a product from Byer of Maine.

Approximately 4-6 weeks ago I was sent a Traveler XXL double hammock. Since then I have setup the hammock a few times.

What does it included?
The Traveler XXL Double hammock comes packed in its own pocket. It includes approx. 8ft of rope for each end of the hammock. Each rope has a metal hook attached to one end. The other end of the ropes have a loop tied into it. The ropes run through a channel that is sewn into each end of the hammock.

Specs from manufacturers web site:
Hammock Dimensions: 90″ x 125″
Overall Length: 125″
Weight Limit: 375 lbs.
Approximate Hanging Point: 9.5′ – 10.5′
Product Weight 24 oz.

My Specs:
Weight with rope & S-hook; 1lb 10 ⅜ oz (26 ⅜ oz)
Weight without rope & S-hook; 1ln 4oz (20oz)
Note: I use a food scale to weigh gear.

byer-of-maine-hammock-001Setting it up
At first I admit I wasn’t sure on how to use the rope suspension that was included. Of course I had to google to find the various ways of attaching this suspension to the trees.

The method I decided on was to take the end of the rope with the loop & wrap it around the tree a couple of times then take the other end of the rope with the hook & attached the hook to the loop. I did the same process at the other end of the hammock.

In my video below it shows a demo of how I setup this hammock.

Tree distance
The first time I set up the hammock the trees were about 15/16 ft apart. It was an easy set up & the hammock hung very nice.

The next time I went to set up — the suspension would not reach the trees I choose. These trees were about 20/21 ft apart. I have used these trees in the past with a hammock that has an adjustable & longer suspension. With trees further apart the suspension/rope usually needs to be placed just a little higher up on the tree.

I moved over to a different set of trees that are about 14 ft apart and once again it worked really well.

Did the rope suspension stretch?
When I first sat in the hammock I did not noticed any stretch in the ropes. During the whole time I tried this hammock I never felt a stretch in the ropes. Even though I’m a lightweight I have had rope suspensions stretch on me in the past. I’m sure it’s fair to say after long term use — any ropes of this style will stretch. It is good practice to inspect any suspension after a few uses.

byer-of-maine-hammock-005Laying in the hammock
I found it easy to find a sweet spot almost as soon as I got in this hammock. At 7.5ft wide this makes it easier for one person to lay diagonal & get comfortable.

It’s also very easy for two people to sit in this hammock chair style to lounge around.

In Summary
This hammock has a very simple design with not much fiddle factor. Out of the box you have a full size hammock that can be setup quickly.


At 10.5ft long – A sleeping pad or underquilt will work well with this hammock to add insulation along with your sleeping bag/ top quilt. Plus, most hammock tarps on the market will fit well over this hammock to add shelter from the weather.

The quality of the material & stitching is very nice. I found the material soft & comfortable.

For me the rope suspension has limitations so changing the rope suspension on this hammock is a simple chore. With the nicely sewn strong end channels this will allow you to incorporate almost any variety of hammock suspensions on the market.

If you’re looking for a bigger hammock for camping or even day trips to beach/ lake or just to lounge in the yard this hammock is great for a good nights sleep or those long naps.

Thank you for reading / watching. Please remember LNT.
Any questions please leave a comment below – I will try my best to answer.

About the author: Article by Claire Walters CEO Outdoortrailgear
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