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Co-op Stores for Cottage manufacturers;

OutdoortrailGear is dedicated to providing quality product to the backpacking, hiking, hammock, camping, & outdoor community.

OutdoortrailGear specializes (not limited to) in product from cottage industry manufacturers. Supporting the cottage industry brings new innovative trail/field tested gear to the market.

Cottage industry manufacturers are usually busy making product, doing R&D & full filling orders — most without a staff of paid employees to help manage admin tasks, internet development/management, social networking etc..

We can help get your product visible to the outdoor community.
OutdoorTrailGear is the solution for the cottage industries manufacturers and other outdoor companies looking for an established web platform & audience to sell or market your product.

What we offer?

Sell your Product: There’s a couple of ways to represent your product on OutdoorTrailGear. We can setup a complete shopping cart. Or no cart co-op space. Those with existing web sites we have options for you as well if you want to be part of the ODTG co-op stores.

Marketing: We provide active social networking on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram & YouTube.

Hassle Free: Site maintenance, software updates & backups done regularly/ as needed by ODTG.

Dedication & Passion. I am very dedicated and passionate about each detail & making sure that ODTG constantly runs like an oiled machine.

How it works?

– We will discuss your options & decide on solution.
– We setup your co-op space
– Those with shopping carts. Orders go to your payment processor. For example Paypal. Each vendor is a separate store & manages their own orders.
– ODTG will do updates to the shopping cart & co-op pages as requested by vendors.

If your ready for your OutdoorTrailGear adventure – for more details contact

I look forward for the next exciting challenge!
– Claire W.