Hiking for FTD Corticobasal Syndrome

Jim “Pa Jim” Tabor (aka Parrothead Jim – the Barefoot Carver) has been hiking the AT to raise awareness for FTD & money for research to benefit The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration

I been following Jim for a while on the social networks. He’s been working hard to meet his goals & spread the word. He posts updates of his hikes on his facebook page or you can follow him on Twitter @ParrotHead_Jim

If you can help Jim to spread the word – share this page to your Facebook/twitter or by donating on his fundraising page.

Thank for reading!
– Claire

Below is the story about about Jim’s father & his fundraiser.
My Father suffers from FTD Corticobasal Syndrome.

It destroys brain cells that control your motor skills and you ability to speak and do simple things like tie your shoes or button your shirt, things we do without even thinking about it. Dad has slowed down, some days I think he is giving up. His speech is almost to the point were we cant understand much of what he is saying. Dad had to give up driving. He was weaving into the other lane and having trouble parking. He now spends his days sitting in his chair watching TV.

The down hill slide continues.
After a week stay in the hospital, Dad has been moved to a “home” for rehab.

Thoughts from my Sister Jean,

“Charles Estel Tabor Sr. I remember growing up in a house rebuilt by the hands of a very strong man. My Dad was the bread winner, the strong horse of the family. What ever little project Mom put him on he could do. Building houses and remodeling kept him busy even while working full time. He made bird houses, shelves and beautiful hardwood floors. Not much of a conversationalist, but he liked a good joke and could draw the best cowboys with cigarettes hanging from their lips and a paper airplane that always flew.

Now Dad stares blankly at me and mumbles a few words now and then. It is difficult to understand him because the CBS has taken away his ability to speak clearly. This is called aphasia a typical sign of CBS. He can no longer make a bird house or even hold a pencil due to the tremors in his hands, again a CBS related symptom. He stumbles around and it is a challenge for him to get out of his easy chair these days. Dad is 73 and has lived a long hard life. I really did not want his later years to be this way. But with faith in God and your generous donations this disease will no longer affect the ones we love. Help us Find a cure!”

I want to raise money for research. My goal is $750.00. I am hiking Pennsylvania on the Appalachian Trail a few miles at a time to raise money for CBS. I have been able to raise $350.00 thanks to your donations. I know that’s not much but it is a start.

I hope you can help me reach my goal.

And what the heck I will hike some of it barefoot just for my Dad.

This will be a on going effort to raise money and awareness for FTD.

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