How many uses for Dutch Hammock Tarp Flyz & Hook?

Ok. so we all know the DutchWare Tarp flyz & hook are the cutest little pieces of hammock hardware. Who can’t resist this ultra light weight piece of gear?

Besides using the flyz & hook for the hammock tarp ridgeline — I found myself hanging up an extra piece of zing-it to make a clothes line.

Dutch has been noted to say;
“I put a couple hooks on my pack cover and put a loop of zing it on my crocks. ”

Post a message below & let us know what else have you been using flyz or Dutch hooks for?

This can be fun – send a picture or link to video!

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  1. I recently had my pack rip on my in the middle of a trip. I pulled out my CRL with dutch hook and tarp flyz, looped the line around my pack and connected the hook, then wrapped the pack like a Roman Soldiers leggings looping back and tightening off with the tarp fly! Held things together until I got out of the woods!

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