OutdoorTrailGear’s newest co-op members!

I wanted to give a shout out & a big thank you to our first cottage industry manufacturers who joined the ODTG Co-op.

MountainGoat/ Kat our west coast cottage industry manufacturer specializes in making wool hats – as well as mesh tarp sleeves, mesh pockets for backpacks & ridgelines organizers. MountainGoat lives in the mountains of California – enjoys backpacking and her passion for the outdoors goes into the creation of her products. You can also send her a message if looking for repair work on gear or wool items. Stop by MountainGoats co-op space & say hello!

Dutchware – “the greatest hiker!” specializes in lightweight hammock hardware with great functionality & simplicity. After hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2003 Dutch started to make his own gear due to lack of commercial gear to suit his needs. Dutch offers the tarp flyz, mini biners, zing-it & dynaglide whoopie slings — plus you never know what he has up his sleeve next testing out on the trail. Stop by & say hello to Dutch

I has been very enjoyable working with and especially making news friends with MountainGoat & Dutch. I know you will feel the same too – you will get the ultimate personal shopping experience! :)

Thank you for the support – Enjoy the trails!
– ShadowAlpha

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