Summer time Hammock Camping

The summer heat is ON in northwest Georgia! It’s time for hammock camping.

Two weekends ago myself & two other friends met at Red Top Mountain State park camp grounds to do an over nighter.

We wound up with a nice spot. On top of a small hill right next to the lake in a cove. After setting up – we proceeded to be lazy and watch boats on the lake. I did a little swimming.

A few hours after we were there it was evident some storms were coming right at us. We gathered stuff laying around on the picnic table. I threw any clothes in my hammock & pack under tarp.

The winds came in very strong. Once the lightning started we got into my friends car. We were able to watch our camp site from the car that was about 50yards away.

We decided to take a ride to the store till the storm slowed down. My tarp was getting it hard from the winds & rain. I wasn’t sure if when I returned I’d find my gear in the lake or ripped to shreds.

When we got back to the camp site I looked over at my hammock & it was still there. The tarp was drooping closer to the hammock. As I got closer I noticed the stakes & lines were still holding and when I looked under the tarp – the hammock & everything in it was dry! Needless to say I was a happy camper! :)

This is the first time this gear had taken on these strong winds & that much rain in a short time.

The setup included;
– Warbonnet Outdoors Superfly tarp with built in doors
– Zing-it guy lines
– titanium stakes
Dutchware tarp flyz attaching tarp ridgeline at each end.

The above is what took the most beating and protected my gear. If it wasn’t for the strength of the Ducth Flyz holding the ridge lines & quality of the Superfly tarp – I’m convinced I would not have had good results in keeping my other gear dry.

– Under the hood was a Warbonnet Blackbird DL
– DIY hammock sock I used for a UQ
– DIY 7oz down sewn through TQ
– Pillow = rain jacket

The attached picture I took with my cell phone after the storms.

Overall I was very pleased with the performance & strength of this gear!

About the author: Article by Claire Walters CEO Outdoortrailgear
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  1. can’t tell from the picture but were you in the campground or on an “unofficial” site?

  2. ShadowAlpha

    Marcus. Red Top Mountain is a state park in NW Georgia. It was an official camp site. Its not far from home, good for an overnighter – I will revisit and maybe next time with a better camera to take more pics. Thank you for stopping by! :)

  3. Great post, Red Top is in my back yard too. Always my go to place for a quick trip. You might enjoy my post

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